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take part in handstand

… the Handstand & Moral is organized by a group of people, who meet normally once a week for talking about requests, organizing own events or talk about organisational stuff. if you are interested in taking part in the plenum or the place – you are always welcome! 
just come over on a thursday evening (7 pm) and get to know the group.

make events

… you can use the space (a big room, a small room in the back, a small kitchen and a toilet) for example for readings, meetings, screenings, theatre, exhibitions, solidarity parties, rehearsals, workshops, concerts and other things you need a big or a small room for. for all room requests just send an e-mail to our contact adresse (see below). we are trying to discuss and answer all the requests in the plenum. We are working pretty much unprofessional and relaxed, that is why it could take a little while until you will get the answer. as an alternative you can come to our plenum (which takes place every thursday 7 p.m.). just write an e-mail, that you wanna come over.

concert request

… in the Handstand humans can also do shows. concerts are just possible to do at weekends, which means friday and saturday, and have to be over until midnight, that the people in the first floor and the neighbors are not going crazy. also someone from our plenum has to be found for taking the responsibility for the gig. if you have a request you can send it directly to our contact mail. we are trying to listen and respond all requests, but sometimes it can take a little longer (sorry for that). in general we are not responding to not personal requests, which means we ignore them. please consider that all the events that take place in the HaMo are based on the idea of donation. means: no fix entrance fees.
for people, who live in leipzig: you are welcome to come over with your request to our plenum.

regular events

• alle zwei wochen donnerstags ab 19.00 uhr: ladenplenum
• immer samstags ab 14 uhr:  BildZweig | Zeichenkurs mit Juan und Sarai

hier ist ein video mit zeichnungen von Juan zu sehen: