donation support

Handstand & Moral is an independent, non-profit project. that is to say, we don’t receive money from the city, the EU, or private business for the room or our labour. that said, naturally rent, heating and electricity have to be paid every month. for the project to continue existing in an uncommercial way, that is sustainable long-term and without excessive exploitation of our volunteer resources, we are appealing to the community to financially assist us to shoulder these costs together.

support network​

we are happy about every person and donation that supports our work. in order to be able to cover our current monthly expenses, we would like to suggest that you donate a small amount of e.g. 5€ per month by permanent bank transfer.

Donations can be made via our account as follows:

Handstand & Moral e.v.
IBAN: DE30 8306 5408 0004 0168 58
SB Altenburg