23. Juli – 18:00 Uhr // Kalatva Collective aus Indien

Hello, diesen Sonntag, am 23.07 um 18:00 Uhr tanzen und spielen Kalatva Collective aus Dehli im Handstand und Moral, wie toll!

So in etwa klingt das Programm:

That is what we got, when the earth was divided: We got the words, the sound, the dance, we got the beat.

„Die Teilung der Erde“ ( „The division of earth“) is a piece for dance and percussion, based on a ballad of Schiller. Dancer and Tabla player try to convey the story of the poet’s journey on earth, using German and Hindi poetry, beats, movements, loops and their own music compositions which combine both Hindustani and Carnatic classical music.
Kalatva Collective is a project founded by 3 young Delhi based artists, trained in different Indian classical art forms. They try to explore their art beside the conventions of the classical world, creating pieces in which music and dance interact, explore, and compliments each other, thus bringing out a whole new perspective to their art form.

Und falls ihr noch Bewegtbilder benötigt um euch zu überzeugen:

kommt alle und lasst uns einen schönen Sonntag haben.