Mi 12.2.: Ausstellung: Let’s call it a day

Beteiligte(r) Künstler*in(nen):
Maia Liu, Noé Leleu, Rag Elnyg, Nadine Smales, Noemi Conan, Callum Lyons, Einav Zilber, Laura Tuomi, Eva Yurková, Laurens Rogiest, Mathilde Guiot, Claire Maroufin, Joao M. Ramos, Delia A. Prodan, Giacomo Infantino, Eva Dumoulin, Joram De Cocker, Hannah Lamarti

„Let’s call it a day“ is a one-day group exhibition that brings together the work of several Erasmus students who studied at HGB Leipzig for the past few months. The work on display shows the different disciplines and background of everyone, yet creates a feeling of collectiveness. All of us in one space for one day, in the same city for the same period of time. Focusing on the temporary as well as leaving that focus behing.